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How To Consign During Covid

Follow Our Steps

Choose Items Gently Used. That's 2 Years Old Or Newer.

Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes And Coats Can Be Older Than 2 Years.

1.) Clean or dry clean the item. 

2.) Hang it.

3.) Place clear garment bag or large trash bag over item and label it with your name and phone number.

4.) Place shoes and handbags in a box and label with your name and phone number.

5.) Bring your item to our store for a quick drop off and sign a short form.

6.) Await our call within 3 days for notification of any items to be picked up or donated .

7.) Check our website for info on items sold.

8.) Shop with proceeds from your sold items or receive a check once you have sold $30 or more. 

9.) Repeat the process to continue supporting this small business & expanding your wardrobe. 

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